Be Sweet No. 1624 [SWEDC] NFT

Token ID 2fb8bd376e7343a69de6c84fb1bac0c0f0a30f80dc2d1d32d9c76183c0a025a3
Version NFT1-Child [view parent]
Name Be Sweet No. 1624
Symbol SWEDC
Block Created 683463
Timestamp 4/15/2021, 10:39:02 AM
Decimals 0
Document URI
Document Checksum 6f35472cd51dc4d518c0ddf2325083db00b68f9e95c58c42c5bd12e3afbf7ed5
Satoshis Locked Up 546
Owner simpleledger:qqxjp220swxp506rnnehq9vvrz8vt40ssy5qe05epg
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Transactions (1)

Transaction ID Type Amount Block Height Block Time
2fb8bd376e73...025a3 Genesis 1 683463 4/15/2021, 10:39:02 AM