Escape to Shadow Mountain No. 474 [SWEDC] NFT

Token ID b591b1da8fea036190ac5da9d70c7160fe4fb47901efb340fc755437a46a0017
Version NFT1-Child [view parent]
Name Escape to Shadow Mountain No. 474
Symbol SWEDC
Block Created 715772
Timestamp 11/26/2021, 5:28:41 AM
Decimals 0
Document URI
Document Checksum 7542e5e8ff571ea9481bc3dcd6ddc9c8769305c5f241a2891242365f3fa89826
Satoshis Locked Up 546
Owner simpleledger:qppq02w0700fl4umtvrr4hxvte0uktqeqyvp8lztx9
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Transactions (1)

Transaction ID Type Amount Block Height Block Time
b591b1da8fea...a0017 Genesis 1 715772 11/26/2021, 5:28:41 AM