You and Me and Christmas No. 1837 [SWEDC] NFT

Token Id c2e4d02841253f237b445a3c83ad6ed16e8e986ba3dfaab5127e85789b354335
Version NFT1-Child [view parent]
Name You and Me and Christmas No. 1837
Symbol SWEDC
Block Created 677785
Timestamp 3/7/2021, 6:40:20 PM
Decimals 0
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Document Checksum 2234235c72e228d6f79900e7f3348b6e127bfb17b2e580f28919e13de672bb18
Satoshis Locked Up 546
Owner simpleledger:qrjaclpfc2y75tmlxaakyx5mf78kx2qc2g0dusve7q
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c2e4d0284125...54335 Genesis 1 677785 3/7/2021, 6:40:20 PM