🐯 send Transaction



Type send
Block 606670
Block Time 10/29/2019, 4:23:03 AM
Transaction ID 9fde65449dadf7abde684d5eaa4867de98e913d31c56a08e6d5cfaa0276743cd
Token ID ea8c9e2bf72993a959fbe5692a20cc56bc2bbe176d50717fdb7da49452b2c1a6
Version Type1
Name 🐯tiger token (The purpose of the coin is to raise funds to buy and sell it and to help the orphans. Please donate to support us)
Symbol 🐯

Inputs (1)

Transaction Amount Address
1,000,000 simpleledger:qp235hfef75v0k3lq2ns3d29ag7nzssqnqjqwmnmzj

Outputs (1)

Transaction Amount Address
>:D 1,000,000 [burn: spent invalid slp]